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Creature Works team

Who We Are

We are passionate about helping our clients attract and retain customers through innovative strategies, great design, a robust online presence and lots of rich media. We create WordPress sites and train your team to keep the content fresh. We hand-code custom websites and develop online systems—whatever system you need. We design logos, posters, postcards, book covers, annual reports and fun marketing items to help grab your customer’s attention. We’re out of the box—so dream BIG; we’re here to help make it happen!

The Main Gears

Dale Hughes

Chief Mad Scientist

Dale has been designing, developing, coding, animating, inventing media solutions and making beautiful images since way before the internet. He’s a full-stack developer, loves a good puzzle and can fix almost anything.

If you have a few minutes to spare and want to see something interesting from our past, check out this origins page:
The Making of Prince’s Symbol.

Martha Kurtz

Creative Director

Martha has decades of design and creative direction experience spanning 3D modeling/color and light, multimedia, web and print design.

Jesse Hughes


Jesse has almost 20 years spearheading projects, designing, and developing websites. Jesse loves type and print and is awesome at tackling difficult concepts. 

Nature, art and building projects enrich our creative process

two cartoon graphic hands forming a heart

Sculpting, woodworking, printmaking metalworking, tinkering, painting, landscaping and gardening enrich and replenish our creativity. Incorporating the skills and sensibilities developed through working with nature and a variety of art forms enhances our digital media work.