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HERO Health

Hero Health website home page being displayed on a laptop

Creature Works redesigned the HERO Health website to better reflect the organization’s mission and values. As a member-driven collaborative of employers and partners, HERO Health is dedicated to promoting health and well-being as a critical value for all employers. Our goal was to create an engaging, user-friendly, and informative online experience that would effectively convey HERO’s objectives and activities.

HERO Health’s mission is multifaceted, including commitments to developing next-generation leaders through mentorship programs, Think Tanks, and Forums.

To create a website that  reflects the HERO Health organization, Creature Works focused on a few key areas:

  • User Experience: We designed the website with ease of navigation and user-friendliness in mind. Visitors can easily find information about the organization, its mission, and upcoming events.
  • Visual Appeal: Our team incorporated engaging visuals and interactive elements that bring a sense of interest to the website, making it more enjoyable for visitors to explore.
  • Content Organization: We restructured the website’s content to make it more accessible and understandable. This involved reorganizing and streamlining the information.
  • Event Promotion: As HERO Health facilitates virtual and in-person Think Tanks and Forums, we made sure that the website effectively promotes these events and encourages user participation.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: We ensured that the redesigned website is fully responsive and functions seamlessly across various devices.