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Find Food Carver County

Find Food Carver County website displayed on a laptop

We love to highlight positive initiatives that make a difference in our communities. Find Food Carver County is inspiring, it is a food resource program that aims to eradicate food insecurity in Carver County.

Find Food Carver County was founded by Carver County Public Health and a passionate group of community organizers who recognized the need for a robust hunger relief network in their community. 

To achieve its mission, Find Food Carver County needed a strong brand identity and a user-friendly website that would make it easy for people to find food resources and get involved in the fight against hunger. That’s where Creature Works came in.

Creature Works worked with Find Food Carver County to develop a brand identity that reflects the organization’s values and mission. The result was a straightforward, to-the-point, welcoming brand that communicates the message “here is where you get food.”
Creature Works also created a user-friendly website that provides visitors easy access to food resources, volunteer opportunities, and donation options. The website is designed to be accessible to everyone and easy to manage for the stakeholders who routinely update and promote pop-up events around the community.

If you live in Carver County and want to get involved in this important cause, we encourage you to visit the Find Food Carver County website and see how you can make a difference.