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Café #110

Cafe #110 website displayed on a laptop

Café #110, where delicious meals and wholesome ingredients meet, creates a healthy eating experience for students. This school café has always been known for its dedication to wholesome food, cooking from scratch, sourcing local and sustainable ingredients and providing the best quality meals to kids. Still, they take their passion to the next level and beyond!

Creature Works designed the Café #110 logo and designed and developed its website and menu calendar. The staff at Café #110 use the menu calendar to let kids and parents know what to expect for lunch. The website has allowed Café #110 to streamline its operations, encourage healthy eating and focus on what they do best – providing healthy and delicious meals to students. The Café #110 team can easily create a menu showcasing their signature dishes, making it easy for parents and students to see what’s offered daily.

Café #110 also has its “Flour Shop.” Here, the team makes signature items like flatbread for pizza, crackers, pitas, sweet roll dough, bagel bites and more. The leadership sources local grains and sweeteners for their products and makes them fresh daily for school meals. In addition, they continually create and perfect a growing list of menu items made from locally-sourced, natural, healthy ingredients.