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We work for a wide range of clients—from small organizations to Fortune 100 companies. Sometimes we work as silent partners with our clients to do backend development, design or technical stuff – most of which we can't reveal. But here's a little variety sampler of some that we can.

iPad & Windows app

Creature Works in association wth The Electric Studio, created an iPad and Windows app for a global supplier of power generators. The app is used for sales and interactive presentations. View Demo

Power Parts Demo
Power Generator Demo
Power Mapping Demo
Carver County Historical Society

Winner of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Dot.Org Award, and the American Association for State and Local History Leadership in History Award, the Carver County Historical Society's website is fun and full of good stuff. We designed and developed this site based on the features that the Historical Society's members wanted most. It has an extensive database-driven newspaper search and custom integration of old plat maps with Google maps. The color scheme is based on the Historical Society's permanent exibits and the layout is built using a masonry structure that works responsively across all device sizes.

Below is a live feed of the site. To experience the responsive design, click on the device icons to resize.

TruSTAR Technology
TruSTAR Technology

TruSTAR is a cyber incidnet sharing platform. Creature Works did logo development, branding, info graphics and coding for some of TruSTAR's product suite.

Carver County Fair
Carver County Fair

Carver County Fair is a fun combination of original design and custom coding. The website is data-driven to give visitors easy access to all the latest info. In addition to the website, Creature Works does all of the branding for the Fair, including their print marketing, social media and ads. You can find us every year at the Fair doing award-winning photography and eating all the mini donuts we can handle.

Carver County Fair Print Collateral
Carver County Fair

This is a good example of some of the print marketing pieces we did for the 2015 Carver County Fair, including tickets, fair bucks, posters, mailers and signage.

AWOLNATION Ultimate VIP Sweepstakes

Creature Works worked with JVCKenwood to create a registration website where visitors could win VIP tickes to see AWOLNATION on a nation wide tour. In addition to the registration feature, the site also highlighted multiple AWOLNATION videos and still images from the tour.

Richard A. Clarke
Pinnacle Event
Sting of the Drone

New York Times Best Selling Author Richard A. Clarke's websites.

Waconia Tourism
Destination Waconia website
Waconia Tourism event banners

Everybody who has been to or lives in Waconia loves Waconia. People who visit want to come back and bring their friends. The tourism board had a lot of raw material to work with, but today’s explorer goes online to find out about a place before they decide if it is worth their time.

Waconia's Chamber and Tourism Bureau engaged Creature Works to build a new website that highlighted tourism and community events. In addition, the site needed to fully integrate with ChamberMaster, an API that the Waconia Chamber uses to manage chamber business and members. Creature Works developed a responsive site focused on the stream of events and industries that mark our seasons in Waconia. Creature Works also designed banners and business/tourism collateral for use at tradeshows and community events. We love having our business here in Waconia, so working on the Waconia brand, imagery and marketing materials was a joy to us!

Studio Laguna
Studio Laguna website
Studio Laguna marketing materials

Genuine, creative, personal, playful, refined, relaxed, artistic and natural are all words that describe Katrina and John Hannemann, photographers and owners of Studio Laguna. Their shooting calendar was full, they had a great logo, yet their artistic natures prevailed and they wanted to push their brand to the next level. Creature Works created a WordPress site that houses photo galleries and their blog, including their substantial blog archives. The coordinating print materials contain playful yet refined typography and a gray and blue color palette.

ACT website home

Creature Works worked with the innovators at 4ROI, creators of the online ACT testing and test creation systems. We had the opportunity to work on the presentation layer level of their projects ranging from the renowned ACT testing platforms to their certified training courses.

Telluride Woodworks
Telluride Woodworks website

Telluride Woodworks got an upgrade to a responsive design. They had been using a Flash site developed by CWL many years ago. They liked the design but with the onset of mobile technology and the fact that most of their clients were sharing information and imagery using mobile and laptop technology, Telluride Woodworks asked Creature Works to update their site to run responsively on all modern devices and platforms.

SAFECode white papers

SAFECode (Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code) is a global, industry-led effort to identify and promote best practices for developing and delivering more secure and reliable software, hardware and services. Its members include Adobe, EMC, Intel, Microsoft and Symantec.

Creature Works developed the server-side and client-side scripting, blog, email collection, alerts and distribution systems for the site. In addition to the website, Creature Works develops SAFECode white papers, marketing materials and presentations. We assist with visual creative needed for editorial, including image selection, template creation, information graphics, conceptual graphics, style guides and presentation design.

Get Up & Go promo items

GoCarverGo: Carver County Public Health approached Creature Works wanting a site that would educate people on ways to integrate physical activity into their daily lives and help local groups and partners promote active living opportunities.

We were very excited to be a part of this getting out and getting active project. We knew that creating a happy inviting online space would inspire people to use and explore the city/county resources. The site included a Media Bank area that gives visitors easy access to logos, icons, web banners, print pieces and press releases in various file formats. earned a National Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties.

Creature Works created and developed all aspects of the GoCarverGo brand including naming and logo, messaging and icon design, web design, editorial, custom coding, server-side and client-side scripting.

Get Up and Go was a free wellness challenge sponsored by Carver County Public Health. The 6-week physical activity challenge allowed participants to track their minutes and level of activity online. A participant’s minutes of activity were tallied for the city or worksite of their choice. Weekly drawings and prizes occurred throughout the event.

Creature Works designed and created the online event for CCPH. We were involved in all aspects of development including brand/identity development, logo design and messaging. We developed Get Up & Go's online and offline collateral including web banners, print pieces, billboards and promotional items. Development included UX, UI, custom coding, admin, server-side and client-side scripting.

Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

The Global Security Strategy and Diplomacy (GSSD) group within the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing division needed an identity and supporting materials that focused on their directive. They also needed conceptual graphics that helped clarify connections and ideas that were difficult or too lengthy to explain with copy.

Creature Works designed an identity that stayed true to Microsoft's core, while creating a unique look focused on dynamic images and graphics. We implemented this identity across a variety of collateral, including white papers, PowerPoint presentations, brochures and information graphics. Templates were created in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for the department to use for future publications, and a style guide was created to provide guidelines for usage of the brand.